Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy new year!

Once again I'm telling my self to get it together and finally do what I want to do as well as stick to it once i begin. So it's January again and I wanna start blogging more frequently than like 2 posts a year... (I Think that should be possible)
I've been thinking about the reasons why I didn't blog up until now and I believe it's because I always wanted to blog about fashion because this is something that's not really present where I live. Wearing whatever I or anyone else wants is something you can do but people will stare at you... So different to a bigger city. So what I'm thinking of doing this year is change it up a little since I do not have the possibility to shoot outfits that often I wanna include not only inspirations but also stuff I do on a daily basis. So I best tell you what you might come across while browsing through my site. I as you might already know love fashion and design, I do cook and bake a lot and as most of the people I wanna get fitter this year by doing much more sports. Also my friend and I are going on a semester abroad this year so we'll be living in Pennsylvania from July till December this year. That for sure is gonna be an awesome adventure. So maybe you would like to join me on my journey. 

xx <3 Martina

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